Website Design & Development

Define, Design, Develop, Deploy

We've developed a four-step process for website design and development. It's meant to keep things clear and simple for both of us so that you end up with a product that looks great, functions well, and is easy for your customers to use.

A clear and definitive plan is created to build your perfect website.

We begin every project with a thorough discovery meeting to determine what you want and need in a website. We use this information to come up with an accurate quote for you which details how much time and effort are required to build what you need. This hard quote will not increase because of unexpected snags during the process; our experience has taught us to consider and prepare for any potential issue that might arise.

Your solution is designed from top to bottom.

We lay out any and every detail, such as the number of pages you need, the ideal navigation for encouraging visitors to action, or how to structure your database (if you need one). This phase is also when we come up with the look and feel of your website.

After we discuss how you'd like to website to look and behave, we'll produce a thorough design. You get two rounds of revisions to tweak the design to your liking (and it's very rare that we can't produce a design you're 100% happy with in two rounds). At the end of this phase, you'll have a picture of what your site will look like and how it will function. When we have your approval, we'll move on to the next phase.

Design is translated into code to bring your website into reality.

Using the specifications produced in the Design phase, we create actual code that browsers can read and understand. We optimize everything we build for speed and user experience, but also for SEO. It's vital that people and search engines can find what they need on your website. Search engines need to be able to properly index your website and then categorize and rank you for specific keywords. This is also the phase where we complete any necessary backend development or integration with other systems.

We test your completed site, work out any bugs, and launch the final product.

Now that we're done developing, we'll move on to testing. We make sure that everything looks and works the way it should, testing across a number of different platforms in a number of different browsers. This way, visitors to your site will have an optimal experience on your website, no matter what device or browser they're using.

Once we're sure your site is functioning perfectly, we send you a private link so you can kick the tires. When you're happy, we launch your site.

No two projects are the same. Drop us a line today so we can discuss your unique needs.