Web-Based Applications

For many businesses and organizations, a simple information-only website isn't quite enough. A website can perform a variety of tasks, but higher functionality is necessary.

A web-based application is simply a website, or part of a website, that is meant for doing things rather than finding things.

For example, a ministry we recently worked with needed a web-based program to help them plan for events. The application we created allowed users to input information about what rooms would be needed, necessary supplies and equipment, timelines, and approvals. This automated system takes the burden of planning for multiple events off of ministry staff and simplifies the process for everyone involved.

That's just one example of the work we've done. Red One has created a variety of web-based applications to meet the unique needs of businesses, non-profits, and ministries.

If you need a website that completes a specific task or set of tasks, let's talk. Red One can help make it a reality.