Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Where SEO is the process of positioning you for the best natural rankings on search engines, search engine marketing (SEM) gets you in front of potential customers through paid ad space.

There are two main reasons people use SEM - to sell a service or product, or to bring awareness of their brand.

How does it work?

You start by selecting specific search terms that describe your product, service, or organization. When someone searches for one of your terms, your ad shows up above the organic results. Generally, if they click on your ad, you pay for it. However, if your goal is to expose users to your brand, there are models where you pay whenever your ad is seen. The cost varies widely based on the popularity and competitiveness of your search terms.

The Red One Method

We take a unique approach to SEM. We believe that Search Engine Marketing is not a final strategy for marketing your business on search engines. Why?

Consumers are naturally more trusting of organic results, partly because many people are hesitant of being sold something, and selecting from the organic results feels more empowering. People also tend to assign a higher legitimacy to organic results, because those companies earned the placement, rather than paying for it.

SEM is a stopgap, a strategy to get you in search results until you arrive through natural rankings. It's also a great way to test certain keywords before implementing them into your SEO strategy. We prefer to couple SEM with SEO to get you the best initial and long-term results.

An introductory offer from Google...

Red One has developed a relationship with Google that allows us to offer our new SEM clients $100 of free advertising on Google. $100 in free advertising, depending on your desired search terms, could get you a significant amount of exposure to your potential clients. If you're unsure about SEM, this can be a great way to get started.

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