eCommerce Websites

Your website should function as an extra sales person that works 24/7, but if your customers aren't able to purchase at their time of need, you may be missing out on business.

Red One can start from scratch or implement a payment system into your existing website. We make sure that you can safely take payments on your website, meeting your customers when they're ready to buy. Ecommerce development is a different animal than basic website design, and our team has the experience to create a smooth and simple experience for your customers.

We ensure that all sensitive information exchanged during payment transactions is secured, making you a trustworthy provider, and giving your customers peace of mind.

SSL Certificates

You need to have an SSL Certificate installed on your website in order to protect your customers' sensitive information. Without one, credit card transactions are open to anyone on the web with the know-how to access the information. Essentially, an SSL Certificate encrypts (secures) information between your customer's computer and your server.

We offer SSL certificates from VeriSign, the supreme sign of trust in the industry. We also offer SSL certification through Thawte, for more cost-conscious customers.

Payment Gateways

You also need to have a payment gateway to process real-time payments on your website. A payment gateway is what actually does the work of authorizing the transaction and transferring money to your bank account.

We are a preferred reseller of, the #1 Payment Gateway Provider, to make sure you can safely take payments on your website.

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