Domain Names

Getting a domain name is one of the first – and most inexpensive - steps you can take toward getting your website up and running. A domain name is an essential part of projecting a professional, consistent, and well-branded image. The bottom line is that you need a domain name in order to be taken seriously.

Red One will walk you through the process, from the choosing the smartest domain name for your business, to registering it in your name, and creating email addresses for you at your domain. We provide the convenience of having all your needs met in one place, and the assurance of full ownership over your own domain.

Helpful Tips When Choosing Your Domain Name

We also hear from a lot of clients that choosing their domain name was challenging. Here are a few basic tips to keep in mind when selecting a domain name.

  • Keep it simple

    Domain names should be easy to say, easy to spell, and easy to understand. Keep it under 3 words if possible, and be careful when combining individual words that you don't unintentionally spell something unfortunate (for example, becomes, depending on how you read it… we're hoping that's not what they meant.)

  • Choose a domain that lends itself to SEO

    Depending on what keywords your customers are searching for, one domain name might be better than another. For example, if the name of your dog washing business is "Clean Paws," people may not find you as easily on search engines because most people aren't searching for that phrase. You might be better off with a domain name that describes your service and location you provide it, such as ""

  • Be cautious of homonyms and numbers

    You want your domain name to be as self-explanatory as possible, which means you should avoid homonyms (words that are spelled similarly but have different meanings), and especially homonyms of numbers.

    If you choose a name that can be spelled multiple ways, consider a multiple domain strategy, where you secure all of the variations of your domain name, casting the widest net to make sure that your potential customers are able to find your business.

  • Own your own domain name

    You should always register your domain name yourself. Do not let anyone register a domain name for you unless you gave specific instruction about whose name should be listed. You should always use your own credit card for the purchase. Many people like to abdicate this step of the process to someone else because it is unfamiliar to them. Do not take the risk. If you need help walking through the process, give us a call. We'll be more than glad to hold your hand through it all.

Ready to buy your domain? Get one now at Red One Domains. Or if you need a little help settling on a good domain name, we're here to help. Call us now at 404-933-2244!